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Varifocal Lenses - Our Digital Freeform Lenses Explained

We are a Varifocal Lens Specialist is a specialist in supplying varifocal lenses to customers online. It is part of a family business that has been producing lenses for more than 30 years using the latest equipment and highest quality materials.

Varifocal lenses which are also known as progressive combine both reading, intermediate and distance vision correction and are well suited to everyday use.

Varifocal lenses have developed considerably over time and the latest technology is a called a Digital Freeform lens. This lens type is custom made allowing us to fit a lens that suits the customer’s prescription and frame perfectly. All varifocals sold by NewLenses use this technology.

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“Very impressed with the fast and friendly service. My lenses are varifocal, the ones NewLenses have fitted seem to be very high quality, better than the previous ones from a high-street chain.” Timothy Morgan

NewLenses offer two types of varifocal lens

Comparison of Elite and Premium option lenses

Premium Digital Freeform Varifocal Lens (Left)

This is our most cost-effective lens. This is a high-quality lens and vision will be significantly better than a standard varifocal.

Elite Digital Freeform Varifocal Lens (Right)

This is a branded lens (Kodak or Essilor) and will provide a wider field of view in the intermediate and reading elements compared to our premium option

Lens measurements and fitting

With Varifocal lenses, the position of the lens relative to the eye is more important than with single vision lenses. In order to fit the lenses correctly we ask our customers to follow one of the following options –

  • Envelope iconSend them to us

    Send NewLenses an existing pair of varifocal glasses for measurement – This is our preferred option and we will take measurements from an existing pair of glasses and apply them to the new order. We offer a freepost address for this – simply send your glasses and order number to: Freepost: RTUA-ZGSC-UJXE,, PO Box 393, Hoddesdon. EN11 1GU.

  • OR
  • camera iconTake a photo

    We provide instructions for you to take a measurement photo wearing an existing pair of glasses. You then email the photo to us and we calculate the measurements using our advanced software and apply them to your new glasses.

  • OR
  • Pupillary Distance Measurement iconYour PD

    Alternatively, we can use your PD (Pupillary Distance or distance in mm between your pupils) to position the lenses. We can email you simple instructions on how to do this if needed. This is normally fine for most orders.

  • Clock icon Processing Time

    Varifocal lenses are complex and take a little extra time to complete - typically a week to 10 days. If you need your glasses in a hurry, please let us know and we will do everything we can to minimise this.

  • Clock icon Frame Suitability

    Whilst most frames are suitable for varifocal lenses, we would not recommend fitting them to very shallow frames. Normally we recommend a lens height of at least 26mm.

If you have any questions, please contact us and we'll be very happy to help.