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Are your eyes summer-ready?

New Lenses has every lens option you need to look good and feel comfortable in the sun

Choosing a brand-new frame for your sunglasses?

Sending your frame to be re-glazed?

Check out our options for glare-reduction – then select your choice when you order.


Just want your lenses to be darker?


Tints are a simple and cost-effective way to filter the amount of light entering your eyes. Have summer fun with our colour options, too!

Step one Choose from:







Step two Choose from:

20% (Darkest)

50% (Medium)

80% (Lightest)

Polarised Lens Option

Do you experience discomfort in bright light?

Polarised Lens Option

Polarised lenses give highly effective glare protection, especially near water. When light hits flat surfaces, the result can be high-intensity light reflection that reduces visibility. Polarised lenses are an excellent way of reducing this.

- Reduces glare better than other sunglass lenses
- Reduced reflections can help with driving
- Special filter blocks light – a good option for light-sensitive eyes-
- Especially effective when near water, or looking into water
- Can reduce ability to read LCD screens


Can’t find your sunglasses?


With genuine Transitions lenses, you don't need to.

Choose Transitions Lenses and never be left in the light again.
Sunny days, cloudy days. Whatever the weather, glasses that adapt immediately to light levels means you’ll see clearly - whatever the brightness. Also known as ‘Adaptive’, ‘Reactorlites’ or ‘Photochromic’ lenses, Transitions lenses move from clear to dark as soon as the level of light increases. Photo-reactive molecules continually adjust - keeping your eyes effortlessly comfortable and healthy.

Latest Technology
New Lenses has done the research so that you don’t have to. We recommend Transitions to all our customers and our positive testimonials back this up. Other adaptive lenses are available: we choose to supply only GENUINE Transitions over cheaper alternatives because we know our customers will love and appreciate their quality.

Why choose Transitions from New Lenses today?

No need to keep switching from glasses to sunglasses

Block 100% UVA/B light: perfect for the active outdoor life

The intelligent choice for people light-sensitive eyes

Proven quality and choice of lens colours

Whatever the season – you’re prepared for anything!

Need them soon?

No problem with trusted and easy ordering from New Lenses


Choose from our wide range of glasses and sunglasses frames (Transitions lenses can also be glazed into your existing frames)


Decide between Transitions Signature GEN8 and Transitions XTRActive (see below)


Pick your colour lenses from popular grey or brown


Any questions?
Our expert team will guide you through

your choice

Transitions Signature GEN8 OR Transitions XTRActive?


Transitions Signature GEN8

- Fully clear indoors
- Fast darkening response
- Rely on UV energy to react
- Not effective behind car windscreen
- Iconic lens colours: Grey, Brown (Graphite Green coming soon)


Transitions XTRActive

- Extra dark transition: protection from the brightest sun exposure and artificial light
- Hint of tint in low light: the best choice for people light-sensitive eyes
- Effective behind the car windscreen: great for drivers!
- Iconic lens colours: Grey, Brown (Graphite Green coming soon)
- Suitable for varifocal lenses

Are your eyes summer ready?

Change to Transitions Today